• Testoni

    In 1929, Amie kept Tony in the Baltic Sea, Dior founded the iron lion Tony. In twentieth Century19, Bologna, with its exquisite footwear industry is well known in the world, there gathered a large number of artisans, who inherited the centuries old traditional process.


    ST. JOHN is a distinguished American fashion brand. In 1962 by Robert and Marie Gray founded. Innovation of the knitting technology, to make ST. JOHN by a small family industry gradually developed into the well-known international brands of haute couture.

  • Ferre

    Gianfranco Ferre is a world famous Italian designer, in 1978, he founded the Gianfranco Ferre and clothing brand is founded in his name. The Gianfranco Ferre clothing represents a noble quality and style


    German tradition of fine leather goods brand, in 1887, John Brown was founded the BRAUNBUFFEL brands, the production of leather goods, including handbags, backpacks and wallets of innovative design, superior technology. Germany Cohen Leather City at the same time.

  • Anna Sui

    ANNA SUI Anna Sui make-up brand founder Anna Sui with an excellent fashion sense and color tentacles, create exclusive self Anna Sui make-up brand, except for the hue of bold, still into the cosmetic roses and a variety of natural plant essential oils to the skin, additional moisture.


    " Iceberg" ( Iceberg ) by Silvano Gerani ( Silvano Gerani ) and Guettyana Marchini ( Guiliana Marchini )2 people of connubial founded in 1962Jierma company ( Gilmar Group ) under the first Italy fashion brand.

  • Dirk Bikkembergs

    Born in 1959 in Germany's Cologne, one full of all kinds of legal culture budding of the city, and many later famous designer is similar, the juvenile period of Dirk Bikkembergs never thought that I would one day become a designer.

  • Mabrun

    Excellence is recognised at first sight mabrun has known this since way back in 1936,when the company was founded in Bassano del Grappa as a craft-workshop specialised in the production of leather garments and accessories,as well as sportswear.




    FUSION GROUP is committed to the luxury brands in mainland retail distribution and business development. The company has first-class professional team and improved retail system As one of members of the "Asian fashion company" group, Fusion headquartered in Hongkong, and won the trust of many international brands by virtue of a large distribution network, experienced, professional management team and a brilliant performance, provided professional marketing consulting and business development services for many international brands. we have established the trust and good cooperation Brands include Blumarine,Blugirl,a.testoni, Gucci shoes, Coach, Gucci multibrand, Brioni, Windsor, St john, Joop,just cavalla, Rimowa ,Gianfranco Ferré, Hugo Boss, Harry Winston, Hermes, Armani, Pal Zileri.

    Introduction of the team


    Managing partner ALEX YEH Joined retail market since over 25 years in China ;first e to introduced Blumarine to Asia market as well as Paul and Joe successfully ,General manager of bluebell Taiwan have been converted Bluebell Taiwan from red digit bottom line into blue digit bottom line with mature management

    Partner Zhang Ning , a well-known designer and brand operation expert, with many years of well-known brand operational experience. Who once also held position in VICUTU, MARIANO and such companies in Chinese market, operating brands include DIRK BIKKEMBERG, ICEBERG, and other brands. He has served as a development director, deputy general manager, general manager and such.

    Managing partner, Deng Xinwen : Specialize in channel operation, he has a strong identification ability in terminal control and market segmentation, and also in analysing fractionize market demand. Meanwhile he is very good with the operation of the government public relations, he perfectly combined the direct purchase between many famous brands and the government, also in huge purchasing contracts. In addition, the resourceful governmental networking that he has also boosts for some political strategies in the field of commercial real estate cooperation and project entrusted investment promotion.

    Director of operation, Lu Jun, fighting at the edge of all sorts of major retail terminals for many years, he once served for Huarun retail, four season Hong Feng and other well-known chain shopping malls, he single-handedly operate such famous brands as the PIAGET, CHRISTIAN LACROIX, PAL ZILERI, W., ON&ON and so on.

    Product director, Jin Lei, senior brand manager and buyer. Extensive industry background, who once served for the British Topshop brand, then further studied designing at the British Saint Martin College (Central Saint Martins College). Later in London enhanced his study of brand designing and management College of fashion at London College of Fashion.

    General manager, an expert in terminal media and vision operation, also an expert in resources summarization. Who had successfully operated the project of many famous international brands, his operations include marketing location, product price location, advertisements design and input, product package, store decoration and post product promotion, he has a perfect control of customers’needs and the products. He managed to make several brands active on the first and second rate market, this created a miracle in brand operation, which is also a good example in this industry.

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